The Future Of 5G In South Africa

Published Feb. 22, 2021, 12:13 p.m. by Ashish More

Technology is one of the sectors that has thrived at an exponential pace across the globe. And we all have seen how companies from software development, IT services, and many others have grown massively.

What pushed this industry to its next level? 


Internet means the 3G and 4G(LTE) network service to a layman, apart from that one would recall Internet as live videos, social media, gaming, etc.

One can't picturise something else beyond these, well the Internet has a lot to offer. And we can’t deny the fact that it's one of the remarkable innovations.

After the launch of 4G, it cut off the surge of 2G service across the world. As technology takes leaps, we move further and further and now it's the time to witness the 5G network as well.

Here comes the Great News for South Africans - The Rollout of 5G in South Africa’ urban centre is truly incredible!

The 5G will bring some positive changes in the nation, especially it will take our industries and companies to their next level of innovation and build a more convenient environment for the lives in terms of occupation, health, business, etc.

This is the beginning of a new phase that will boost digital transactions, and help to connect with people via virtual reality...

The fact is 5G service will let our market grow swiftly for the betterment of this and upcoming generation. 

One of the reports says, "The 5G market service was about $41 billion in 2020 and it will surpass $414 billion in 2027." And that's massive!!!

This report by MIT will certainly stun the people of South Africa - The 5G contribution will be tremendous between 2020 to 2035 that this will certainly bigger than the size of India’s total economy.

How 5G Will Impact South Africa's Industries?

There are tons of industries whose future will turn into a new mode, especially the electronic industry. And in that, all the handy devices will receive a super-duper response from the audience. The numbers of users will roar at skyrocket as Africans are becoming tech-savvy, and familiar with this innovation. 

Needless to say, the Media and Entertainment industry has expanded pre-5G service and will boom after 5G. These two industries will grab a major advantage of the 5G network service as entertainment is every human's need. 

The Covid-19 has shut down all the theatres, so the choice left to consume is OTT.

The consumers seem happy & comfortable with the streaming platforms as they can consume an ocean full of entertainment on these platforms like Netflix, Prime Video and HBO. 

Technologies such as Augmented reality and Virtual reality will take a leopard's leap, the reason behind this is people getting comfy with the technology, and the 5G will also enable tourism services via virtual experience. What does that mean? Many software and tools are in pipeline, once they are out that will let South Africans experience the beauty of VR (virtual reality) so that they can travel the world via VR mode

The list is not yet over, the gaming industry has seen major growth in 2020, and it will receive lots of attractions in the coming years as well. A high percentage of gamers have created their youtube channel in 2020, and this will continue for years as 5G is rolling out. Gamers in South Africa will be seen uploading the recorded gaming clips to the channel and making money from the advertisements and sponsorships. 

And this might be unexpected but aspiring doctors or nurses will also grab this opportunity of 5G service. The healthcare industry will be benefited as junior level or aspiring doctors could be trained about surgeries and treatments via virtual reality. 

Apart from these, 5G will enable the performance of machines with automatic control or with internet access in the factories and industries which can be a great alternative for labour-power.

The arrival of 5G will help positively as well as negatively relying on its usage. The aim was to keep South Africa’s people connected and give them convenient solutions for their day to day work.


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